This Event Creates Lifetime Memories – Make it special


Give Your family Time to Heal, Bond and Socialize.

San Diego Burial at Sea has several sea burial pricing options and many yachts to satisfy the needs of all our families. We strive to make burial at sea an affordable option for all.

We realize this is probably your first experience with such a venture and we will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you choose the options that are right for your family.

Our funeral directors on staff ensure the paperwork is done correctly.  Their expertise is very beneficial in assisting with the design of the service – making it unique to each family.

Please call and we can give you recommendations on what would best fit your tastes. You may wish to review some additional options which can help make your burial at sea – ash scattering experience more unique and memorable.

We can be your ONE point of contact
Our sister company “Funerals Your Way” (FD: 2188) is a fully licensed funeral home in San Diego, thus we can arrange both the cremation as well as the scattering at sea.


Two Licensed

Funeral Directors

on Staff


Burial at sea

creates a very

positive healing

environment for families

Many families wish to scatter near San Diego Bay, however we also service other locations. Because other locations require longer travel time costs vary. We regularly service: San Diego Bay, Ocean Beach Pier, Crystal Pier, La Jolla, Torry Pines, DelMar

San Diego Burial at Sea Pricing

We do not really have set pricing but more pricing guidelines. We try our best to make the “Burial at Sea” option available to all our families. The Price really depends on two factors – ash scattering location and number of people attending.

$150 – Unattended Scattering

$450 and up – Traditional scatterings

Open 7 days a week & operate on your schedule

Only your group is on the Yacht

In general, the more people attending the larger the yacht needed. We have over a dozen yachts to select from and can accommodate from 1 to 48 people.

We can also combine yachts, so can thus take additional people.

Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering – Policies

We have tried to establish some policies that are both fair to our families and to us at the same time. We do try to be as flexible as possible, so as to give our families the best possible experience with our business.


We require a charter deposit when you reserve a yacht, with the rest due at the time of your charter. We accept most common forms of payment such as MC , Visa, American Express, checks and cash. Your credit card serves as a damage deposit, so remember, you are responsible for the conduct of your guests.


By canceling 15 days before your scheduled charter you incur only a 10% administration fee.  Canceling less than 15 days in advance will cause you to incur a penalty of 50% of the yacht charter rate.  Canceling the day of the scheduled charter you will forfeit 100% of your charter fee.


In most all service industries gratuities are appreciated, but we do not include them in your charter price.  If you enjoy your charter please show the crew your appreciation, they will be very grateful.


Our main office is located at “Shelter Cove Marina” on the east side of Shelter Island, but your departure locations will depend on the yacht you have selected for your charter.  Complete information for your specific charter is emailed to your after you book.  This information includes pickup location, what to bring and wear, pricing details etc.  You will also be sent a email link that you can share with your guests with maps attached.

We can depart from locations other than where the yacht is home ported, but most hotels charge a docking fee ($100-$200). We will also need to charge you a remote fee travel time of $100 – $200/hr.  This should be arranged at the time of booking.


This is San Diego, so having to cancel because of bad weather is very rare. The yacht is enclosed, so you will have a great charter even in the event of not perfect conditions.  In the case of storm conditions it may not be appropriate to go on the water and we may have to cancel.  However we realize that people do fly in from outside San Diego, so we do our best to perform the scattering. You have the option of rescheduling or getting a complete refund.

If your event was to be catered, the caterer will deliver food to your desired location.