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Pre-Need Funeral Planning

There are several reasons to have Pre-need Funeral Planning arrangements ahead of when they are needed.  This is called Pre-Need planning.

You are going to die sometime – it is just a matter of who will be left to make the arrangements.  It is never too early to pre-plan and many people will do it when they plan regarding financial matters for their families.

Reasons to Pre-Plan

Pre-Need Funeral Planning is Smart

Provides Piece of Mind

It provides piece of mind to you and your family, knowing that it is done. It is like having a will in that your wishes will be carried out as you desire.

No Decisions While Grieving

Your family will be relieved of making decisions while they are dealing with the grief of your passing. This is the worst time to make important decisions.

Prepaying for Funeral Services

Many people do prepay for their funeral services although you do not have to.  Many people just want to get it our of the way and pre-paying does have some advantages with no real disadvantages. Some advantages are;

It relieves your family from paying for your funeral expenses when you pass, making the financial burden on them less.

Prepaying locks in current pricing.  Expenses are always increasing, so paying at today’s rates instead of future rates is smart.

You may pay over time – with the payment method best suited to your financial situation.

Is my Pre-payment Money for Funeral Services secure

We often get the question about how secure are the funds. In California it is NOT legal for funeral homes to collect funds for pre-payment unless the received funds are held in some type of secure account.

Many funeral homes (including Funerals Your Way) accept prepayment of funds through an insurance policy. A small life insurance policy is secured and the funeral home receives payment upon your passing from the insurance company.

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