The coastal community of San Diego has a large population of military personnel and veterans and military families who have made this southern California city their permanent home.  Where people live, unfortunately people also die, this includes our brave soldiers.  San Diego is home to two National cemeteries specifically for military personnel, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and Miramar National Cemetery.  An affordable solution regarding the passing of a veteran is San Diego veteran cremation and a veteran funeral..

The national pride of the military in San Diego is felt by both the civilian and enlisted populations all over the county. The military presence is evident in every corner of the San Diego County, from memorials to bases, to special events and everyday sites, such as fighter jets roaring overhead and aircraft carriers bobbing in the bay.

San Diego Veteran Cremation & Funeral

A traditional military burial is often accompanied with military honors, but many people aren’t aware that honors are also available for cremation services such as spreading ashes and burials at sea.

Spreading cremated ashes at sea is growing in demand and is usually far less expensive than a burial for your loved one. San Diego Burials at Sea is a premier, licensed sea burial provider and accepts cremated remains to be spread at sea from all over the US. This service can also be done in the absence of ashes or remains, as is unfortunately sometimes the case.

There are many decisions to be made at the time of a loved one’s passing, and this process can be even more overwhelming with the additional decisions required for military honors. San Diego Burial at Sea is experienced and supportive in these processes and can provide you the much needed support and assistance you need at this already difficult time.

San Diego Burial at Sea provides private parties or small groups aboard a yacht of your selection for the spreading of ashes ceremony which is tranquil and a healing process in itself.  As well, our affilicated funeral company Funerals Your Way (FD:2188) can provide complete veteran cremation services at an affordable price.


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