You have had a funeral, done the cremation and have now received your loved one’s earthly remains back from the funeral home.  Now what?  You can keep your loved one at home on your fireplace mantel or in the closet, but we have a better idea.

The best way to celebrate their life as well as to obtain some healing and closure is to do a burial at sea – ash scattering.  Below are five reasons why you should consider a sea burial – ash scattering – for your loved one; 

1. Wonderful Experience – Ash Scattering at Sea

Being on the water with family around to release the loved ones cremains is truly a wonderful experience. We have done hundreds of these over the past few years and those in attendance always derive peace and comfort from the experience.

Just read our reviews to see how families feel about the ash scattering at sea experience for their loved one.  The whole experience is especially appropriate anyone who loved the water or being on the ocean or boating. For veteran who had a connection with the sea during their period of service, military honors can be arranged.

2. Ash Scattering at Sea – Celebration of Life

It breaths life back into all those attending, and aids in the healing process. This is especially important when the passing has been recent. The deceased would want the family to get on with their lives – life is short – enjoy it! 

In the words of Wayne Dyer “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”

3. Ash Scattering at Sea is Less Expensive

Sea burial is far less expensive than an in-ground burial. No land is required and no urn is required. Some families may decide to use a bio-degradable urn, and these are relatively inexpensive. These urns, which come in a variety of materials, degrade in the environment very quickly allowing the cremains are released back to nature.

4. Alway Fun to Get on the Water

It is always fun to get out on the water. It can even become an annual event to revisit the exact location of the scattering. The captain will provide the family with the exact GPS co-ordinates of the scattering, making a return to the exact same location easy.  We will also provide the family with a memorial certificate which can include a picture of the loved one.

5. Experience Sea Life – Life Continues

It is always fun to get out on the water and toward the end of every life celebration we stop to see the sea-lions. It helps breath life back into all aboard and affirms that life continues.

Sea lions after a burial at sea
ash scattering flowers and wreath

San Diego has the perfect climate for taking advantage of the ash scattering at sea opportunity with the ability to do burial services year round. Even after doing sea burials for several years, we have only had to cancel because of bad weather a couple time.  After all – this is San Diego!

Please contact us for more information and to schedule the releasing of your loved one to the ocean.   As well, please remember that we also perform cremations though our company Funerals Your Way (FD: 2188) – a licensed California funeral home.

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