Losing a loved one is the most painful experience that human emotions are capable enduring. The grieving process seems eternal and never ending. Since people mourn in different ways there are also different ways we deal with the loss, are able to finally let go of the pain while also not forgetting and becoming able to celebrate the past. While many people are able to find a sense of closure after going through the funeral or memorial services or just a gathering of people reminiscing in tribute, some are not able to let go.

The Funeral is Over

The act of planning and contacting people, speaking with relatives and making arrangements keeps the mind and schedule busy, and in a sense, keeps your loved one alive. After the services are over and what is called “normal life” resumes all around you, it can be the most difficult of times.  The societal pressure to grieve on a timetable and for it to “get easier” are ever present and daunting, especially after the services are over.

Letting go is something unfortunately some find they simply cannot do, such as when cremation is involved. Unless the ashes were placed in a formal memorial they often get carried around or stored away, even in a closet.  Unfortunately this is common with a loved family pet as well.  If this is you, you know that letting go is part of the process of healing.  Letting go is also one of the hardest things to do. As the days, weeks and years pass, your life and time ticks away and your loved ones ashes are still with you, meaning you have not really let go.  Is this a disservice to the final resting place of your loved one, stifling your ability to move forward and cluttering your life by holding onto the past? Likely you already know the answer.

Releasing the Ashes – Ashes on the Sea

The word ‘eternal’ means lasting forever, never ending, like the love you have for the loved one lost. As a symbol of your eternal love, the act of spreading the ashes of a loved one is freeing and has been done for centuries. Spreading the ashes in the ocean is one of the most common tributes with cremated ashes and it’s important to have this process carried out privately, tactfully and with respect. San Diego Burial at Sea has professional experience in facilitating the ceremony, the different methods of scattering ashes, and is familiar with the environmental issues and proper rules and state laws relating to this common memorial service.

San Diego Ash Scattering

Spreading a loved one’s ashes in the beautiful Pacific Ocean is something both you and your loved one deserve.  It’s never too late.  A memorial in the form of a grave stone, personal shrine, or private place, are all wonderful things to have but can become a place where too much time is spent, making it difficult to really let go When you spread your loved ones ashes in the ocean you have chosen the largest memorial on the planet, the ocean covers over 71%, for considerably less money than any other type of memorial service.  San Diego Burial at Sea are licensed by the state of California as a “Cremated Remains Disposer”, and are respectful of the laws and fully compliant with permitting processes involved.

After spreading your loved ones ashes at sea thenext time you watch the sun set in the horizon of the deep Pacific Ocean, this common ritual becomes – a little more beautiful, and very personal. You, along with the rest of the world that watches our great sun set each evening, will be able to enjoy this beauty even deeper and know you did the right thing.  The next time you get a glimpse of the brilliant green flash, it will have a private and special meaning for you, eternally.


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