Burial vs Cremation

During a time of loss and trememdous emotion, there are steps of the funeral-planning process to which must be attended.  Traditional burial vs cremation offers may alternatives with each step, there is another corresponding financial burden waiting to be accrued.  However, expenses can vary greatly.  Expenses such as filing fees, certified copies of death certificates, clergy, musicians and flowers, obituaries and the list goes on – all  funeral arrangements requiring attention.  Such issues are nowhere near being the caliber of topic that grieving survivors should have to focus on, and yet, all aforementioned items must be decided upon.  A survey conducted by NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association) concluded that the average cost of an adult in-earth funeral and burial in 2012 was $7,755, “with the average cost of a funeral increasing year-after-year. Laying a loved one to rest distastefully progresses from being a time of closure to a financial worry; hundreds of dollars quickly become thousands, and family and friends can find themselves shouldering a tremendous financial burden, while also trying to do right by their lost loved one.  Tradition burial vs cremation is a question many families are now answering by selecting cremation.

Cremation as part of a Funeral

In response to such high pricing, cremation has steadily gained popularity within the past fifty years.  Anthony Cassieri of Brooklyn Funeral Home, NY, notes that “[families] still need the funeral ritual; it is an important part of the mourning process, but it seems quite clear these days many families will attempt to honor the final wishes of their deceased loved one, whilst simultaneously balancing their budget”.

Competative Pricing for Cremations

The rise in cremations also means a rise in competitive pricing, meaning that states with a high cremation rate can families can often arrange a direct cremation for only a few hundred dollars.  The money saved by choosing direct cremation can then go toward a more meaningful, lasting goodbye and tribute to a loved one, such as scattering ashes at sea in the privacy nature instead of a funeral home.


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