Ash Scattering Wreath

Wreath for Ash Scattering

Thank you so much for coming to our site. Our crew does it’s very best to provide a high level of service to each of our clients. It is a very difficult time in our clients lives and we do our best to provide superior service. We listen to your wishes and work with you to accomplish your goals for the sea scattering.


We have learned that each family is unique and each scattering which we do is unique. Your event will be special to your family and something will happen that has meaning to you.

Only Ash Scattering Company With 2 “Funeral Directors” on staff.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will support and help you in any way we can. The map shown below is to our main location. Please note that your charter may depart from another location, so check your charter booking information which was sent to you regarding your specific ash scattering charter.

San Diego Burial at Sea
2240 Shelter Island Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 1-619-987-0663


If your charter beings at this location there is plenty of free parking.

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