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Booking a Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering

Woman Answering Phone at San Diego Burial at Sea

Woman Answering Phone for San Diego Burial at Sea

Booking a burial at sea – ash scattering – with us is easy. We have many charter yachts of different sizes, so we can find the perfect yacht to accommodate your family.

We love helping you with the scattering at sea and want to make sure that you have all your questions answered and have select the best option for your family.

There are a just few questions that we will ask when you call.
1.) We need to know the type of scattering (attended, unattended etc) as well as the date and time you wish to go out and how many people will be on the yacht.

2.) We need to secure a disposition permit for your scattering. To obtain this we need the the original or a certified copy of the death certificate (this will be returned to you). If you already have a valid California Burial Permit that states disposition as “At Sea off the coast of San Diego” then we do not need the death certificate.

3.) If you will NOT be attending the scattering then we require the Authorization Form which allows us to perform the scattering. This must be completed and signed by the person who has legal responsibility for the cremains. Information on mailing cremains is below.

4.) A small deposit is required to hold the date for you.

Mailing Cremains Guidelines

Shipping cremains by mail

Only the US Postal Service Ships Cremains

We prefer that you just bring the cremains with you if you will be attending the scattering. If this is not possible, only the US Postal Service is allowed to ship ashes, Federal Express or UPS are not allowed to do this by law, however a private courier service may be used. If you are dealing with a funeral home, they will be able to help you with the mailing.

The ashes must be packed in a sift-proof container and another outer container that is sealed and durable. The original plastic bag provided by the crematory is sufficient for a sift-proof container. The identity of the contents should be specified on outside of your container “Cremated Human Ashes“. Please send by registered mail with return receipt service.