Full Body Burial at Sea – Overview

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This type of service is not familiar to most, however it has a long nautical tradition and is very enviromentially friendly. In coordination with our sister company “Funerals Your Way” we take care of all aspects of this type of service arrangement from initially taking your loved one into our care to death certificates and through final interment in the ocean. 

We espect that this type of burial in the ocean will become more commonplace over time as the cost of tradational ground placement continues to become more expensive.

We are very careful to follow all state and federal government guidelines with notifications and the appropriate permits to all agencies. 

A Disposition permit is registered with the state of California as well the EPA is notified of the event. As well we following military standards (estalished by the Navy) for sea burial and observe best practive standards when dealing with the remains and handling of the deceased.

Both “San Diego Burial at Sea” and our sister company “Funerals Your Way” are closely regulated by the state. 

Why Select a Full Body Burial at Sea ?

There are several reasons why a family may decide to arrange a full body burial at sea. It is certainly not for everyone, but does provide a host of advantages of more traditional burial options such as;

  • It is a very environmental friendly process. It eliminates several costs of a tradition land burial such as cost of the plot, open and closing costs and possibly casket costs. all these could easily add up to $10,000.
  • When additional family members pass they may be interred in the same manner without the purchases of an additional plot.
  • Being on the ocean and returning to it is symbolic of completing the cycle of life. All life on this planet spring from the ocean and it is fitting we return to it.
  • Family members can easily arrange a memorial visit to the burial location.

Working with other Funeral Homes

Funeral Home Relationships

We would be happy to work with other funeral homes both locally as well as nationally to provide your desired full body sea burial services.

It is common to transport a body across the country for a burial at sea. Many find the idea of their final resting place as the Pacific Ocean.

If you have not found a local funeral home to work with we can assist with finding one and will coordinate all activities.


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