Ash Scattering at Sea Recommendations

We have had some wonderful families over the years come out to sea with us to scatter their loved ones ashes. We strive to do the best job we can – giving the utmost respect for both the family and the departed family member. We thank each of them for all their recommendations.

Dozens of Reviews

All Excellent

It was a pleasure working with George in making the arrangements for the burial at sea. The crew was wonderful and caring, I’m so glad we chose San Diego Burial at Sea for the scattering of my father’s ashes. It was a memorable and comforting event for the family.

Joan - July/2022

Where do I begin? George was the first person I made contact with and to say he was astounding is a complete understatement. From the very beginning sincerity was apparent with every word. Gentle, compassionate, and completely genuine. The second person I met was Jody, on our boat. She really made the entire process so peaceful and not as painful. As I told her, we will all be able to look back and remember today with the warmth she shared with my family. The warmth that they both shared. I never want to have to do this again. But if I do, I will 1,000 times over choose San Diego Burial at Sea. To those at the company: thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Megan - May/2022

Following the death of a loved one, family’s are sensitive and still grieving their loss. San Diego Burial at Sea and Tawanna especially, provided an understanding, caring and professional atmosphere throughout the entire process. My sister’s wish was to be buried at sea. We could not have asked for a more beautiful experience. Captain Stephen and Ms. Jennifer were friendly, professional, caring and understanding of the moment. Their help and guidance was truly appreciated and my entire family is grateful to them for making our experience a loving memory. Again, thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Vernon Shoemaker and Family.

Skip - Feb/2022

From start to finish Tawana made a very grief filled situation of scattering my moms ashes loving and amazingly beautiful. she supported me through it all. put up with my phone calls all the time and was nothing but gracious regarding the loss of my mom. the day of the scattering was so beautiful the water was perfect and the crew if the yacht was caring, supportive and understanding. There could have been no one better for us than Joey.he made the scattering of my mom amazing. He knew when to give us privacy and when to come and talk with us. The captain Jeffrey was excellent and commanded the boat with expertise. They take you by seal Rock on the way back and that was amazing how much better that made us feel. My family felt so supported by everyone and I can say personally by Tawana the most. what a special person and what a gift she has to turn grief into beauty for families. Thank you all you are forever in mine and my families hearts. keep doing what you do.

Yvonne - Nov/2021

We were very pleased with everyone at San Diego Burial at Sea. From day 1, they were very professional, caring, polite, easy to work with. They return calls promptly, explain everything they offer. They are not pushy and leave all decisions to their customers. The boat crew was amazing. We could not have asked for a better experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Amalia - July/2021

This was the most amazing, beautiful experience! It completely exceeded my expectations and my mother would have been so pleased! Tawanna was excellent and so patient with my many questions and Jody made it all go smoothly on the boat. My 4 brothers and the rest of our family that was there all marveled at how beautiful it was! I can’t ever thank you enough for making the very difficult final goodbye to our mother so much easier for us.

Candi - Dec/2020

My family is so grateful to San Diego Burial at Sea. Tawanna helped us pull it all together (and pull it off!) with very short notice. Cynthia, our hostess, could not have been sweeter or more authenticity interested in us having everything we needed, and Captain Randy was the best. Going out of his way to point out fun things for the kids. So friendly and welcoming. The rose petals with the ashes was unexpectedly beautiful and this is how I want my own ashes scattered when the time comes. Thank you for doing what you do. It meant the world to us

Laura - July/2020

The entire process was smooth, friendly and respectful.  With COVID still an issue, they kept us safe and comfortable as 8 of us were taken by a capt and one crew to do a burial at sea.  Most importantly, my mother was very happy with how everything went.

Howard - Jun/2020

Very professional and compassionate. Very respectful on how I wanted things to be. Awesome experience at a difficult time. Highly recommend

Kristi - Feb/2020

Monday, October 7, 2019 on the one year anniversary of his passing, we placed my husbands ashes into the ocean at sunset. Mo and Captain Jeff were absolutely wonderful to us. The whole crew at San Diego Burial at Sea were very gracious and easy to work with – Professional and understanding. It was the most peaceful and meaningful experiences of the last year. I highly recommend San Diego Burial at Sea. ❤️🤙🏻

Andi - Oct/2019

We all agreed that this was the most beautiful Celebration of Life we’d ever witnessed. My husband’s passing was a very difficult time for me and yet the office people to the crew were all so helpful, friendly, and caring. The bio-gradable sea turtle urn was such a perfect idea. I totally recommend this company. Thank you for helping me through a very difficult time and making for us a beautiful memory.

O'Sullivan - Aug/2019

We scattered my sister’s ashes close to Hotel Del Coronado. The weather was simply perfect. Sunny and Warm. Tawanna and her crew were fantastic and so caring! We also used San Diego Burial at Sea for my father back in 2013, again, extremely gracious service. I guess if I must leave this earth this will be my choice of saying “Aloha”. Thanks Tawanna and crew!

Bates- Jun/2019

This company was amazing from the very first time we spoke with Tawanna to working with Dana and Summer. All very compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. We had my mother cremated and her ashes scattered at the tip of Point Loma. They took care of everything and it was all very nicely done, beautiful and peaceful.

Marika - March/2019

I had the unfortunate circumstance of having both my parents die within one year of each other. Tawanna and the crew at San Diego Burial at Sea were helpful and supportive in the midst of a difficult time. For my dad’s burial we chose the option to observe the boat go out to scatter the ashes from Cabrillo National Monument. For my mom’s burial we went on the boat to scatter her ashes with some family and friends. Shelby was our host on the boat and she was lovely and accommodating. She even offered to sing “Amazing Grace” during the scattering. She did a great job and it really added to the beautiful and emotional ambiance (rose petals over the ashes in the water etc.). I highly recommend San Diego Burial at Sea.

Lynn - Jan/2019

We used San Diego Burials at Sea for the scattering of the cremains of our loved one – it was done with empathy, compassion and a great deal of understanding. Tawanna was extremely patient, understanding, flexible and accessible throughout our planning process. The day of the scattering, Captain Steven, Shelby and the Crew were very helpful and kind. For those with an interest to be buried of to bury a loved one at Sea…I would highly recommend San Diego Burial at Sea. Under the circumstances we could not wish for a more joyous celebration.

B.W. - Dec/2018

It was a beautiful day to scatter my parents’ ashes at sea. Jane, the host, and Peter, the Captain of the boat, could not have been kinder. They made a potentially difficult situation peaceful and lovely. I truly believe my parents would have been really pleased with how it all went. We especially appreciate Summer for making our keepsake and for Pauline coordinating the event.

Mary A - Auguest/2018

We recently used the services of San Diego Burial at Sea to scatter my Dad’s ashes – his wish to be back in the ocean he so loved. The staff arranged for the Navy military color guard and buglers for the flag presentation. This was followed by the boat cruise to spread his ashes. Tawanna was our coordinator was there for us that day,  caring and supportive,  helped us to have a memorable experience and to honor and celebrate a life well lived and well loved.  We will be using their services again.

LCG - August/2018

My family and I chartered a boat through San Diego Burials at Sea and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience. Over the phone, Pauline was so helpful guiding us through all of our options. Once our date came, we had Jane as our hostess and she was just delightful. Our captain was Joey and he was a joy. At one point I was able to steer the boat for a few minutes, which was a lot of fun for me! Highly, highly recommended!

Peter - July/2018

My father passed away recently, it has been very hard for my family. He would always say to scatter his ashes in the ocean, having worked in San Diego in his youth and knowing his love of the ocean made this service even more memorable. From my first call to Pauline, I knew this was the right choice. She was friendly, empathetic, and answered all of my questions.

My dad’s burial at sea was on Father’s Day, it was so beautiful-being on the boat listening to my dad’s playlist, it was a gorgeous day. Jane and Brandon were wonderful, so kind and caring, they did everything to make this what I wanted for my dad. I would not change a thing. Jane taught us so much about the harbor and its history, we saw sea lions and even a dolphin. It was perfect, thank you so much for a beautiful service!

Sonia - June/2018

The memorial service for our son could not have been more perfect! We had met with our Captain, Tawanna, previously to view the catamaran and get a feel for what it would be like. From the very moment we met her, we knew San Diego Burial At Sea was going to be the right choice for us! Tawanna, Shelby, Jennifer, and Steve (our boat Captain) were very gracious hosts and handled every detail with great care and concern. Even Pauline in the office was wonderful to deal with. We did not have any preoccupation or worry about a thing, because we felt so confident in their attention to each and every part of our event. This will be a beautiful memory for us to reflect on over the years to come. Thank you Tawanna, Shelby, Jennifer, Steve and Pauline.
Dale - May 2018

San Diego Burial at Sea helped our family honor my husband’s final wish to be released into the Pacific, a place he loved so much. The facilitator, Summer, is a lovely person with a kind, gentle way and the captain, Brandon, is very competent and helpful. Together they made a difficult experience as pleasant as the circumstances allowed. A whale breached on the way out which was unexpected gift to us all. Most importantly, we honored my husband’s wish to return to the ocean where he had spent so much of his life.
Brenda - April 2018

Our mother’s final wish was to swim with the whales. My brother arranged the day (so I had no idea what was in store for us). It was a rainy day and I was uneasy about going to the ocean and the waves. The crew (Capt Brandon and 1st Mate Jane) were WONDERFUL. They were very sensitive to my uneasiness and had all the perfect suggestions. When we arrived our destination we saw a few blowholes appear in the horizon. Then 2 humpback whales appeared. It was perfect. We stopped the boat and the ashes and rose petals were released. After the event we road back into the harbor and saw the many love boats, animals and watched the sailboats come out for the day. I highly recommend this boat tour. They did a wonderful job.
Karla - March 2018

I should have written this review as soon as we got back because I’ve since forgotten the names of our captain and hostess. However, everyone at this company, from Tawanna who coordinated everything leading up to the day we took our dear friend out to sea, to the Captain and hostess who were with us on that day, are very caring people.

They made the day so special – letting us pick the music, mixing the ashes with the rose petals and lowering it into the sea off the coast. Beautiful send off for a beautiful lady. I can’t say enough good things about San Diego Burial At Sea.

Mary Ann - July 2017

Thank you Tawanna and the whole Crew for making my parents final wishes an amazing and incredible experience. My family and I cannot thank you enough! It was a perfect day and you made this final journey for my parents a very easy and memorable experience for our family.
Rick - July 2017

Thank you again for helping to plan my mothers scattering of her ashes. I have put up a review and was so touched by the facilitator Jane – she was just so amazing. I know that I worry a great deal and so appreciate your patience and kindness to me.
Tamara - June/2017

I used this company for my mom’s burial at sea services. They were amazing. Such empathy and support during the planning and they executed exactly as I had hoped. It was perfect!
Tina - April/2017

I highly recommend Burial at Sea, they took care of everything and made a tough time in our life easier and very beautiful. The experience was peaceful and beautiful. They mixed my mother’s remains with rose petals and after our pastor scattered her at sea they played Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. While these songs were playing a lone pelican glided right over the ashes and disappeared before we could take a picture- I know that was my mom saying her final good bye, and that after years of being unable to walk she was now able to soar!
Chris - March/2017

I cannot say enough positive words about our experience with San Diego Burial at Sea. We had to reschedule several times once we arrived from the Midwest because of rainy, windy and cold weather. (San Diego, you say? Yes – but at least they’re out of a drought, right?) The day we finally were able to go out was sunny and beautiful.

My aunt, who was 95 when she passed away, requested that her ashes be “put out to sea”. Which was a little disconcerting for my mother (her sister). We didn’t need to worry. The ceremony was beautiful. We brought prayers and stories – and music. And the captain and assistant were thoughtful and fun. We originally were all going to go out on the bow to place the beautiful biodegradable shell that my aunt’s ashes were in, but the waves were a little bit too much for my 90 year old Dad to maneuver. (And quite frankly, my sea legs weren’t so great either!) No worries! They accommodated us magnificently. My mother, daughter and husband went to the back of the 52-foot-boat and were able to send Aunt Betty’s ashes on their way – with all of us able to view the presentation easily. The captain and assistant provided us with flower petals to follow the shell on it’s journey – and we were all mesmerized by the beauty. My mom is at peace with her sister’s request – as we all are. And will remember the wonderful experience forever. I’m thankful that my online search brought me to your company. Top notch. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a similar experience.

Julie - Jan/2017

I would recommend anyone to use San Diego Burial at Sea. Tawanna was very compassionate and understanding. She was willing to honor any requests and if you don’t really know what to do she helps, guides and facilitates. The crew was very helpful and professional. My entire family was impressed with the idea and how peaceful it was. We used them to spread my grandparents ashes together. It truly was a beautiful experience and a great closure for the family. Thank you
Hillary - Jan/2017

Wow! We had a burial at sea for my mom back in 2001 and my dad (who recently passed) wanted the same and to have the burial at sea at the coordinates where my mom was placed back in 2001. So we contacted San Diego Burial at Sea and it was so nice how they accommodated us for such a special occasion. BAck in 2001 we used another company with a lot smaller boat and this yacht was so much more, we were very comfortable.

The crew helped us in every way, the captain was so respectful of maneuvering the boat around the ashes and roses we spread in the sea. It was heartfelt to say the least. Then the captain took us on a small journey from out to sea to the inlet and bay to let us decompress and talk among ourselves. Fantastic! Thank you so much you guys!

Steven - Oct/2016

Thank you so much for making my Mother’s burial at sea so memorable. Your staff was awesome and the event was very professional and uplifting. Special thanks to Jane and Captain Brooks for their help. Thank you again for a job well done.
Dianne - Oct/2016

We wanted to thank you and the crew for everything on Saturday. It was absolutely a perfect tribute to my dad. Everyone was so happy as it was such a wonderful experience. You really helped make a challenging time in our life easier and even beautiful and we will be eternally grateful. I can’t thank you all enough for your thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration. And I really appreciate all of your patience in the months leading up to the event. Aloha from all of us!
Brenda - Aug/2016

Today we scattered my fathers ashes by Point Loma in San Diego. It was always his wish to be laid to rest at this place. Tawanna was so helpful and answered my tons of emails and guided me through what we needed to do. Deena who was our host was spectacular. She ensured that we all felt comfortable and that what and how we wanted the service to be were honored. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful boat with an amazing host. I could not have been more pleased that everything went well and far beyond my expectations. Thank you San Diego burials at sea! They also were accommodating and changed the time for us the day before. Thank you Thank you and God Bless you.
Kerry - July/2016

Far exceeded expectations. The experience can truly be customized to the type of service you want – from low key to a full out celebration.

The team is there to make sure your day is exactly as your friend or family member would have imagined. The first thing they said was ‘the entire boat is yours‘ and they truly made us feel that way.

It honestly changed our group’s opinions on how we want to be celebrated after we pass. What a perfect experience!

Alan - June/2016

Last week was a very difficult time for our family as we scattered the ashes of our Sister, but Burial at Sea helped us create a lasting memory that we will hold for many years. From our first conversation with Tawanna to the final good bye, she and the team at Burials at Sea were wonderful to work with.

They even went well out of their way to accommodate our Family’s request to find a “Turtle Urn” to float, rather than scattering the ashes. Just as we were about to begin our service a Pod of Whales appears and swam around and under the boat! We scattered over 6 dozen rose petals, all pink and white as we slowly released our Sister to the Sea. As the Captain circled the site and the music played, we all felt a sense of peace. It was truly a magical experience and a beautiful tribute to our sister.

Byran - May/2016

Thank you and your crew for your hosting and helping us through this trip. It was serene and peaceful – the very characters of my late husband. The poem was read and written so beautifully. Thank you thank you ALL. Blessings. Would definitely use your services again.
Suro Family - April/2016

Back in 2013 my 90 year old mother passed away and her wish was to be buried at sea off the coast of San Diego so she could travel the world with a short stop off in Hawaii. She has started her new travels and San Diego Burials at Sea provided the best service and processed the paperwork to further my mother’s dream. I recommend this company because it was the people of this company that made the difficult process of a beautiful thing.
Spencer Family - April/2016

We want to send a big thank you to you for all your help organizing yesterday’s very special memorial for John. The entire day was so memorable, from the flag presentation to the actual ash scattering – our family in attendance was very pleased and impressed and will remember this day as the perfect way to honor their husband, father, grandfather, brother-in-law, nephew and cousin.

The facilitator was fantastic in her support to my sister, John’s wife, as was the captain’s wife. Her reading of “When I am Gone, Release Me” was very special as was the playing of Amazing Grace after the scattering.

McIntyre Family - March/2016

Although planning a funeral service for a loved one is never easy, having the help of Tawanna with “San Diego Burial at Sea” made things so much easier. We were able to create a beautiful memory for the memorial of my little brother. For a more personal experience, we wanted to be able to get down close to the waves to release his ashes, so we opted for the catamaran. Best choice!

I just want to say thank you so much Tawanna for everything. You, the captain and staff helped us to get through one of the toughest things that my family and I have had to go through and because of the special touches we have a memory that will be with us forever.

Michele - March/2016

Nearly a decade flew by, and I still had the ashes of my mother, husband and two dogs in boxes in my bedroom. I didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t bear the thought of letting them all go, but I realized it simply had to be done. After much angst about how and where to release the ashes, I called San Diego Burials at Sea.

They were extremely knowledgeable, professional and quite sensitive to my situation. The captain and the yacht host could not have been nicer, or more understanding. While heading out of San Diego Bay to the open ocean, I shared stories of my mother Mercedes, husband Dave, and our beloved dogs Sammy and Jessie. We all cried … and laughed.

It is difficult to explain how beautiful it is when the ashes and rose petals disperse into the ocean. They leave a beautiful trail that slowly becomes part of the water. What followed was an amazing emotional release, and even relief. They were free! And the best part was, that now, every time I look out to the ocean I think of them all. And I smile. It was truly an amazing experience.

Smith Family - Oct/2015

Thank you all so much for your professional and caring assistance during the ash scattering of my late brother. A beautiful day on the water, framing the Coronado bridge, hotel and skylines of San Diego made this memorial even more spectacular and meaningful. Special accolades go to the crew as both made our memorial service a little easier due to their kindness and accommodating our wishes.
Schneider Family - Sept/2015

My experience with San Diego Burial at Sea was exceptional. The boat was comfortable and clean. The staff were so helpful, and compassionate. I highly recommend them! Much thanks to Tawanna for answering all of my questions and treating me like family. Jane was a wonderful facilitator, who was so compassionate. Captain Steve and Jennifer were very attentive and professional. will never forget any of them, and how they turned a difficult and sad day into a beautiful memory..
Major Family - Aug/2015

We recently scattered my wife’s ashes with family and friend in attendance. Words cannot express how wonderful our day was. The crew took great care of us and made sure we were all comfortable. Thanks again for helping us through a tough day.
Price Family - Aug/2015

I just wanted to let you know our trip last evening was fantastic. The crew were wonderful and they were so attentive and sweet to my children and to all of us. The captain made my kids laugh and showed them sea lions and told them all about the sights on the shore. They made the scattering so easy and the music she played was perfect. I would love to have them do a boat tour for us the next time we are in town. Thank you again for the hospitality and I will definitely leave a recommendation online.
Jones Family - July/2015

Honest,professional,caring,respectful I can’t say enough good things about these people. When my mom past I called alot of different places. They were the only place that sounded professional to me over the phone, and they truly are. The most beautiful service I have ever been to. It’s the people that make it special. Thank You.
Napolis Family - May/2015

The whole Gordon family wants to thank you all for your kindness and sensitivity. We all felt the trip to sea, the roses, the doves, the dolphin and the sea lion captured everything perfectly. Your yacht, the facilities and your team’s thoughtfulness were perfectly supportive.
Gordon Family - April/2015

The memorial on the boat was wonderful. We had a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. Thanks for all your help! It gave all of us the closure we needed. We were a little nervous about the weather, but we caught a good window and our group had wonderful experience.
Cerneic Family - March/2015

I would like to express our appreciation to the captain and host on our charter today – they were excellent, as well as the arrangements, thank you. We were a little nervous about the weather, but we caught a good window and our group had wonderful experience.
Hinkle Family - Feb/2015

Speaking in behalf of my family, we were all truly blessed by how everything went. It was a great send off for my father. Please pass on our thanks to all who helped make this occasion a fitting way to honor the memory of my father.
Seth - Jan/2015

I would like to thank San Diego Burial at Sea everything they’ve done with regard to my sister. You couldn’t ask for a more caring group of people. They will do everything they can to make your experience as loving and caring as you and your loved ones would want.
Lisa - Nov/2014

Thank you for the exceptional service you extended to my family on October 8th, 2014 when we buried my mother’s remains at sea. The entire family was extremely impressed with the beauty of the boat, the exceptionally professional crew, the knowledge of the Captain and the overall experience. It was a perfectly orchestrated day.
Theriault Family - Oct/2014

We were very pleased with the services you provided for my mother-in-law. I wanted to commend Tawanna for all of her excellent service and everything she did to answer all of my questions. In addition, she even made the last minute changes for us.  The crew made sure the services performed were both respectful and professional. My whole family enjoyed the day.
Logelin Family - Oct/2014

All went perfect…… thanks for all the help and questions and requests we made. We were more than pleased, the captain and hostess were super and the boat was very accommodating. Much appreciated all you do to make this a very special occasion to remember. My momma is very happy now we all know that for a fact!
Puschmann Family - Aug/2014

I called San Diego Burial at Sea and spoke with a lady that was very informed and gave me all the information I needed to do a burial at sea. I decided to go with that company due to their professionalism. After all the sadness the captain gave us a tour of the San Diego area and we ended our sad trip with wonderful memories. I would definitely recommend this company for a Burial at Sea.
Missen Family - Aug/2014

I would give the captain, hostess and boat all 10s. We had a wonderful experience scattering my dad’s ashes. Paul and Susie were very professional and they made us feel comfortable and assured us that they would do all they could to make the occasion a success. The sight of the rose petals floating on the water near the cloud of ashes in the water is quite amazing. The wreath was lovely and helped to identify the location of the ashes as we drifted away. We even saw a California gray whale which sort of circled around our location as we lowered the ashes into the sea. Thank you for your excellent job.
Carlson Family - July/2014

We could not have been more pleased with the service which you provided as we scattered my mother’s ashes. The skill and sensitivity of both the captain and crew made the day unforgettable for the family. We are all lovers of wildlife and thanks to special efforts of your crew on the trips in and out we were able to enjoy, up close, Sea Lions, Pelicans, Herons, Sea Gulls, Cormorants and countless other species.
Wallace Family - June/2014

I just want to say … thank you… everything was perfect – I loved the beautiful yacht. The crew (captain and host) were great! Thank you for having them go with us. I really appreciate your help. Again thanks.
Blanca - May/2014

Thank You for the very high level of service by your crew.. Your entire team was able to accommodate us for both planning the trip and executing the ceremony in a thoughtful and graceful manner that both me and my wife are very appreciative of. Our sincere thanks to you and your team for making this trip less painful and memorable for our family.
Anand - March/2014

Thank you so very much. The . It made the entire emotional experience much less one of sadness and loss but one of joy and happiness that she was now free from pain and suffering. Thank you.
Bill - March/2014

On behalf of my wife and her family, I want to thank you very much for the beautiful celebration of Betty’s life. The boat was perfect and the staff took care of our every need. This is exactly what Betty wanted, and I know that she would have been so pleased.
Dave - Feb/2014

I want to personally thank you for making my mom’s Celebration of Life so memorable and wonderful. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I can honestly say I was very impressed with your company and our experience. Everyone I talked to, during the event and after, have all said it was the classiest and nicest memorial they have ever attended. The boat was beautiful and impressive and the staff was so warm and personable.
Tina - Jan/2014

We would like to thank all of the staff of San Diego Burial at Sea for the wonderful experience under such sad circumstances. They were even able to supply some nice green leaves instead of rose petals because it was more appropriate for our occasion. Our son loved San Diego Bay. It was very meaningful to us to be able to spread his ashes right across from Coronado Island, one of his favorite places. The crew helped to make it a great day. We had some drizzle, but we also had a rainbow and saw some dolphins – I would highly recommend San Diego Burial at Sea.
Cathie - December/2013

On behalf of our entire family, we want to thank your crew and especially you for allowing this day to be a beautiful memory forever. It was a very special day and you made it even more special.
Deborah - October/2013

Everything was perfect. Thank you so very much and the dolphin leading the boat while we were coming back in was so special. We thought Kevin couldn’t have had a better sendoff. Everyone who came was very impressed with everything. Thank you so very much.
Brigid - September/2013

Thank you all so much for everything, I dont think anyone could have done more. You even got the weather right, such a beautiful day . Thank you again 10 plus on everything.
Ann - September/2013

On behalf of my family thank you for helping make a difficult time easier and making the ash scattering a good memory for us. It was perfect and we know our Mom would agree.
Charles - August/2013

My family and I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the crew for making the ash scattering memorial for my father a wonderful and memorable experience for us. The morning gloom burned off right before we boarded and the weather couldn’t have been more spectacular. We had seen the website and spoke to you so had an idea of how the service would be handled. But until you take part, you don’t know what a peaceful way this is to honor and say farewell to a loved one. The host selected the perfect poem to read, and the captain was able to get close to the area where my Mothers’s ashes had been scattered, so we could release my Father’s at the same site. The couldn’t have done more to make the day more perfect. Please pass along our appreciation to them and know that you have marvelous individuals representing this company.
Carol - July/2013

It sounds wonderful!!!! You have taken such good care of ME through all of this, I will never forget you, never… now mean so much to me through my heartache. I feel you have shared it with me…..thank you with love.
Rene - July 2013

I wanted to express our appreciation to captain and crew for doing an outstanding job in assisting us with the scattering of ashes for my father. We had never experienced this before and fortunately had been given a lot of information ahead of time to set our minds at ease. The memorial adventure definitely exceeded our expectations and we sincerely appreciate the compassion that was displayed by the crew. My father was a man who loved the sea, and you brought us closer to a level of comfort and peace by the way this trip was handled with the highest level of dignity.
Irene - June 2013

Thank you for your wonderful services. The day was just what we wanted … The Captain and Host did an outstanding job making our service so very special.
Carolyn - May 2013

My husband and I are still talking about how glad we are that we went with your service. I had looked at a couple of others online and the link to your website was sent to me by my daughter’s friend, who also spoke at the memorial service. In her words, “It seems to fit all our needs.” Yes, it certainly did and more so. We wanted to honor our daughter’s wishes to have her ashes scattered near La Jolla. We are so pleased with your service. Everyone that was there that day commented on how nice it was…from the gorgeous day, to the helpful hostess, and the captain who met with us as well and spoke to everyone.
Rosanne - January 2013

I want to thank you very much for an excellent celebration of my husband, Clyde’s life. The sea excursion was wonderful, including the special bird, sunshine and fresh air. Your attention to detail and kind, thoughtful service are very much appreciated from the sea shells to the rose petals. Special thanks for making the experience outstanding for the children and my Mother, including the ginger cookies and bottles of water. I truly have a sense of peace that Clyde is smiling from above and very happy in that special place. Everyone thought the outing was perfect!
Sarah - Dec 2012

Thank you and the yacht crew for a wonderful cruise to celebrate, and scatter my dad’s ashes. It was perfect, and your recommendation of sunflowers was awesome. I received the memorial certificate yesterday, and will be making a framed tribute for my sister and mom, so thank you for sending that as well. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.
Jenny - July 2012

The weather was perfect and the excursion was beautiful, however, the highlight of my uncle’s ceremony was our amazing hostess. She maintained the perfect balance between ‘experienced professional’ and ‘trusted friend’ throughout our entire time together. My family and I absolutely loved her, and we will always be grateful for such an incredibly serene and touching experience.
Veronica - May 2012

On behalf of my family and I, I would like to let you know what a wonderful experience our trip was yesterday. The captain Brian and hostess were an absolute delight and so accommodating to our needs. They went out of their way to make the journey for our mom everything we wanted it to be. It really was a wonderful experience that my family and I will never forget. Thank you again to you and your entire staff. Kim – Dec 2011
Saturday’s event could not have gone better, you provided just what we needed. The captain and our hostess were expert in their roles. Thanks to their help, our small ceremony was gracious, private, and dignified. It meant a great deal to me, and to all my family. Thanks to everyone for their service. Bill- Oct/2011
I wanted to thank you for making the scattering of my mother’s ashes such a peaceful and dignified experience. You all did a wonderful job of making our family feel comfortable. We all felt that you handled honoring our wishes and privacy with respect and care. At no time did this feel like a “business” venture and your concerns felt genuine. It is such a sacred event and taking part in it enriches us all. I felt you all understood that. Louise – July/2011
The trip was perfect. Absolutely perfect. The captain and our host were just lovely and so very kind. My sister and brother and me all just kept saying how perfect, relaxing, respectful, and peaceful the whole day was. Thank you so much for this perfect departure and enduring memory. Deborah – May /2011
The captain and host for our sea burial were absolutely amazing! They listened to our stories, comforted each member of our family as needed. The ceremony was beautiful and the scatter was breathtaking and done with great respect. I don’t have enough room for all the praise I have for this company and their crew. I would highly recommend their charter for any event. The memorial certificate that they provide is just as beautiful. My Dad being a seaman himself, is very proud. Christie – March/2011
I would highly and without hesitation recommend the sea burial services provided by San Diego Burial at Sea. Words cannot adequately express my praise. It is so comforting to those left behind to know without question that the burial of our loved ones was accomplished with such beauty, such a feeling of peace and tranquility, and such professionalism on the part of the people involved. Norma – Feb, 2011
The ash scattering (sea burial) was absolutely beautiful From the very first phone call to the end, this was a wonderful experience, with all so very thoughtful in helping us plan this event. It surpassed all expectations, and we want to thank you for making it such a special day. Elizabeth – Jan 2011
From my first telephone call, San Diego Burial at Sea was available with support and guidance. And on the day of the trip, their solicitude and attention to the needs of all guests aboard was a real godsend. Capt and crew paid attention to detail and made the experience of fulfilling my Dad’s wishes by burying him at sea over the Pt. Loma kelp beds a memorable reality for all of us. And we were blessed by the appearance of a young sea lion who peered up at us after making a double pass at the stern of the boat just after the ashes were released into the sea. Linda – Jan 2011
We contacted San Diego Burial at Sea and from the start, they welcomed us with warmth and support. From the moment we stepped on board the beautiful, comfortable yacht, we were treated with love and respect, treating our loss as importantly as if it were their own. They gave my brother and I time to mourn alone, and knew when to bring lightness and beauty to the occasion, too. Debby – Dec 2010
My family and I appreciate the wonderful sea burial service you gave us, you were so helpful from the first phone conversation to the very end. It was a great send-off for my Bill. Now he is flying with the angels. Vonelle – Nov 2010
I will not hesitate to recommend you all and your beautiful yacht, High Spirits, for any occasion, but especially for memorials that are both intimate and relaxed. You are a highly professional, yet comfortable (and comforting) staff; I felt like we were with friends, that meant more than you know. I am grateful for the support and gorgeous atmosphere provided. Elizabeth -Aug 2010
We were very happy with your services and also wanted to express our thanks to the captain and crew for their hospitality. They made the entire experience as pleasant as possible, and we enjoyed listening to them share their knowledge about the area. Everything was handled beautifully – the boat, the scattering, and the pleasant trip around Point Loma. In many ways, it was a very healing experience for all of us. Larry – Aug 2010
The burial at sea of my father was so uplifting and peaceful. The host was great and made the whole experience even better. The boat tour and scattering exceeded everyone’s expectations and the memories will stay with us forever. All of my relatives said my father would be very proud. Thank you so much for offering this service. Christine – June 2010
Very nice, I would like to thank you for a wonderful and very thoughtful service. May God Bless You and your family. My father would be very HAPPY!!! Bob – May 2010
This was absolutely a fantastic experience. The crew was very pleasant and accommodating from the very first phone call until the charter was completed. As we know, this type of boat tour is not for a pleasure ride and not one of the happiest times for family and friends. However, this crew handled the entire trip beyond our expectations. Lorraine – October 09
So glad to read about your boat in the Beacon, it was perfect for our service. Blanch – March 08
I can’t say enough positive things about the service on Monday – it was perfect. The Capt. you provided for us could not have done a better job. I will not hesitate to recommend your service Ginger 2007
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