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The San Diego Burial at Sea crew truly do a fantastic job of assisting families. They recognize that this is a very difficult event and treat each family with tenderness. They have done hundreds of ash scattering and are very well qualified to make the one for your family the best it can be.

Founded San Diego Burial at Sea over a decade ago, is a licensed funeral director and enjoys assisting families and sharing his love of the ocean.

Has a long history as a charter Captain on various types of yachts. He is very knowledgeable about the San Diego area.

Handles all the booking for San Diego Burial at sea. She loves helping families during this difficult time in their lives. She is the best as well as a licensed funeral director!

Has been with us for over 5 years and has a huge heart. She does a great job and loves what she does. You will love her.

Jane has been with us for 2 years. She is very professional and will do a superb job on your scattering event – all with a cute British accent.

Assen has been with us for many years. Usually he is delivering all size yachts to exotic locations, but when in town he does charters for us.

WC is a retired Navy Master Chief. A salty dog who has sailed and driven yachts everywhere. Simply the best and did I mention funny?

Joel has been with us for a few years. When not being a charter captain with us he is working in real estate or piloting yachts in Alaska. He is very friendly and many times will work with his wife

Captain Brandon

Brandon has a sailing and power yacht experience, serving as the Director of a prominent sailing club in town.  He’s a San Diego native who’s professional, courteous and has a passion for the water. His day job is in the Telecom industry.

Has a long history as a charter Captain on various types of yachts. He is very knowledgeable about the San Diego area.

Amber has been with us for about a year and when not on the water she is as real estate agent.  She is so great as a crew member and we get many great reviews from our customers that she has helped.

Marley is our mascot – a very important position.

Safety Equipment

We carry all the appropriate safety equipment on board as required by United States Coast Guard for the type of vessel being used.  This includes life jackets, flairs, fire detectors, fire extinguishers and may include additional equipment which is dependent of the type of vessel.   We take our families safety very seriously.


Crew Training

We take great care to ensure the the crew is properly trained.  This is both in terms of safety training to ensure your voyage with us safe and training to perform their specific job function.

We do our very best to ensure you trip with us is the best it can be.