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Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering – Videos

The collection of burial at sea videos below will help you better understand the ash scattering at sea – burial at sea – process and some of the options which may be included. We have been performing these ceremonies for may years off the San Diego coast and have helped many families obtain a greater level of closure after the passing of a loved one. If you have suggestions for additional videos that you be helpful to our families, please do let us know.

This is our standard urn from our 52 ft yacht. Since you are higher off the water the cremains must be lowered to the ocean’s surface to prevent blow-back. In this case, we are using our standard urn.

Some families wish to lower the cremains to the ocean in a basket. The basket may be quite ornate layered with tea leaves and other flowers. As usual, we intermix the cremains with rose pedals.

We accommodate all religious faiths on our scattering at sea. In this video, Buddhist monks are in attendance for a burial at sea. They often chant for most of the duration of the trip to the ocean.

We have a large variety of Bio-Degradable urns for burial at sea. They come in all shapes, sizes and are made of a variety of material such as paper, sand and salt. As well, they float for varying durations or sink immediately depending on the individual urn.

This is a Baby Biodegradable Turtle“. Some families use these where there are several people participating in the scattering such as  siblings scattering a parent. The turtles are made of paper and it is common to write messages on them before they are released into the ocean.

An introduction to our Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering – services. We provide services to suit each family in the manner they desire. A host of customization’s may be requested such as flowers, wreaths, clergy, music, specific locations, specific yachts etc.

This is a very power recitation, given by our captain, of a poem from Lord, Alfred Tennyson of Crossing the Bar. He did a GREAT job.

This is a Full Size Biodegradable Turtle“. It is our most commonly selected bio-degradable type of urn. It is placed gently in the water and floats for perhaps a minute before sinking beneath the water. Families often write messages on the turtle before releasing to the ocean.

This is a typical scattering at sea on on of our larger yachts. It is very lovely experience and a wonderful healing opportunity for all aboard.

On this ash scattering a musician played taps on the bugle since the person being laid to rest had a military background. On other occasions, it has been the bagpipes playing amazing Grace.

On occasion, we have people sing during a sea scattering. Songs can vary widely but Amazing Grace is a commonly preformed song.

Perhaps the deceased had a favorite song the family would like sung.